Hongzhen are professional in Fully- automatic PET blow moulding machine, semi automatic blow moulding machine, injection machine, hot runner PET Preform mould, cap mould, auto-mobile product mould. These are the main product in drinking bottle industry,pharmaceu-tical packing and plastic product industy.
The company adopts the main production equipment utilization world first-class CAD/ CAM/CAE technology to improve qualities and develop the new products.According to the requirements of ISO 9001 quality system, implements strict enterprise standards and production processes to provide clients with high-quality and advanced products. The company established good reputation in the world-wide.The product is selling to more the 100 countries.

Expertise for Turn-key Pet Bottle Production Line

Hongzheng linear technology meets the most complex needs but involves reduced investments, while providing maximum reliability and improved process flexibility. Hongzheng has devoted unparalleled means to qualifying the newgeneration of SMPA blowers. Versatility, yield, reduced operating costs: these unavoidable goals force us to innovate.

Featured Products

Hongzheng high speed PET Blow molding machine is a complete turn-key solution which consists of injection molding machine,mold,robot and relative auxiliary equipments. With the expertise and rich experience in the past years.


Our expertise in different industrial sectors

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